Igue Festival

The Igue festival takes the pre-eminence among festivals celebrated in the state. The most colorful and paramount importance to the people of Benin .It is celebrated every December by the reigning Oba and his subjects to marks the end of the Benins year and to usher in the new year and as a thanksgiving for the outgoing one. The Igue festival attracts visitors from across Nigeria and abroad. Celebrated annually during the ancient time in the month of September .Oba Akenzua II moved it to the month of December to coincide with other series of festivals. No one can say the exact date or when it began. but tradition says that when the ancient Benin man became conscious of his creator and his success in his undertaking, he thanks his head and god.He believed that his head led him through the successful adventures of the year.When Oba Ewuare The great {1440-1473}came to the throne, he made many innovation into Igue festival because of the terrible experience he had in his early life, before he was crowned the Oba of Benin.