The Ministry

The Ministry’s bold initiative is borne out of the strong need to bridge the gap between beautiful expressions of the value of our tourism potentials on the one hand and a pragmatic policy and legislative platforms to deepen the sector on the other hand. Indeed, it is unfortunate that while this Ministry has existed for so long, the strong structural and strategic framework to transform the sector has not taken root.The present Administration is focused on a Transformation Agenda to deliver the dividends of democracy to the citizenry.

The Agenda is based on a set of priorities, policies and programmes which when faithfully implemented is capable of transforming Nigeria’s economy to meet present and future needs of the Nigerian people. In this regard, the Federal Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation working in close partnership with its parastatals has undertaken a number of programmes and activities geared towards the promotion of Nigeria’s rich Tourism potentials and Cultural Heritage through identification, development and marketing of the diverse cultural and tourism opportunities, by implementing policies aimed at diversifying the economy and placing cultural tourism on the path of sustainable growth and developmentas well as re-orientating the populace for national development.

The Federal Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation places very high premium on staff development and training. Given the expected role of the Ministry in catalyzing the tourism sector as an alternative source of non-oil revenue, the need to train the core professional staff of the ministry in readiness for competition in the global arena largely propels its training agenda.

Thus in 2011:

All the 387 staff of the Ministry were exposed to various levels of training including management, administrative, and professional courses in tourism, Culture, Communication and Social Development.The over-all strategy included exposure through study tours and facility visits to international tourism destinations in Singapore and South Africa by Senior Management of the core professional departments.

The ensuing benefits include a determination in 2012 to replicate some of the understudied models which have job creation and entrepreneurial development as an outcome.