Better living

Information has been seen as a way of wealth creation, and a wealthy nation is a healthy nation. Lack of awearness of once immidiate environment, can result from neglegence or giving priority to other activities consider more important, which can lead to poverty, as a result of ignorant, which is not an excuse.

Information through awearness campaign has been considered the best way to communicate to citizenry, on personal security in order to have better living. In its efforts at promoting peace and entrenching the right attitudes in Nigerians, while advocating for the protection of innocent Nigerians and non Nigerians doing legitimate business within the shores of our country from unwarranted violence and harrasment.

The Agency is presently collaborating with the Directorate for State Services (DSS) and Homeland Secure (an NGO) to hold a National Conference on Anti-Terrorism which will create further awareness among Nigerians on security alertness and also draw the attention of decision/policy makers to the need for best policies that will control the scourge of terrorism.

Peace and Security Awareness Campaign in Schools

The interactive sessions which are coordinated by the Agency’s Chief Orientation and Mobilisation Officers (COMOs) in their respective Local Government Areas feature the Police, Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps and the State Security Service who offer the pupils and students security awareness tips. To forestall a situation where schools become recruitment ground for mischief makers, the Agency, on June 27, 2011, commenced interactive sessions in Primary and Post-primary Schools in the 774 Local Government Areas of the Federation.

Campaign Against Filth and Environmental Degradation

The exercise targeted at ridding the environment of the filth and menace constituted by the indiscriminate littering of polythene materials used as water sachets, food wrappers etc. In collaboration with the Nigerian Red Cross, Federal Ministry of Environment, the Abuja Environmental Protection  Agency and other well-meaning groups, a special nationwide sanitation exercise was organised by the Agency and carried out simultaneously in all parts of the Federation on Saturday, July 30, 2011 to rekindle the almost moribund monthly nationwide sanitation exercise. Which was adopted and immediately replicated in the 774 Local Government Areas.