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Nigeria is a country situated in the western coastal region of the African continent. The country is rich in natural beauty like, long blue beaches, rivers and lakes, forests, breathtaking views of the waterfalls and soothing environment. They classified Nigeria’s tourist resources into two main categories; acheter viagra namely: Natural Features and Cultural/Historic Attractions, and as found in all the 36 states of Nigeria, including FCT, Abuja.

The natural beauty is a main factor behind the up- gradation of Nigeria tourism.Tourism in Nigeria is growing rapidly and it is among the tourism industry is a good revenue earner for the country. Nigeria has a wide range of tourist activities to offer. It is a coastal country and the main attraction for the tourists is the long beaches and the marine activities. Apart from this, the other attractions are the historical monuments, exciting trips to the tropical forests, exploring the wildlife, art and culture and the lifestyle of the country.

Traditions and culture of the country represents the simplicity in the lifestyle of the dwellers.The markets of Nigeria showcase the handicrafts and sculptures, the hotels and other accommodation facilities represent the warm hospitality and local customs and the calm and peaceful environment enhances into the beauty of the country. These factors make the memories of Nigeria tour everlasting.

Nigeria Attractions
The chief Nigeria attractions that need to be explored while on a tour to Nigeria are:

·         Nigeria National Parks - The national parks in Nigeria showcase live pictures of the wildlife. There are many animals of various breeds kept in the Nigeria National Parks.

·         Nigeria Nature - Nigeria nature refers to the climate and natural beauty of the country.

·         Nigeria Beaches - Nigeria is situated on the coastal region of Africa and the beaches here are long and very beautiful.



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