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Tourism has come to stay and can constitute an important part in the economic development of Nigeria if properly managed. On the other hand, as we continue to experience the influx of large number of tourists, we are bound to suffer from social, economic and political inconveniences, specifically, security problems. Our concern for managing security in our tourism sector is spawned from the fact that riot, politics, crime, and civil unrest can be the greatest enemy of tourism.

Crime is a threat to National security because its impact is felt on all aspects of human activity such as economic, food, health, environmental, personal, political and social. Crime is one of the major factors of underdevelopment.

The Ministry developed strategic Tourism Master Plan through Inauguration and Implementation of Committee on the development of a sustainable tourism in Nigerial and providing security to tourist as well in the year 2011, consisting of members from Government related Agencies and the Private sectors.

Purchase of Project Vehicles and a two-day sensitization workshop on the Master Plan was held in Abuja while an in-house Capacity Building was held for the staff of the Department in August, 2011.

By adopting the above strategies, the security of tourist and tourist destinations in Nigeria would be guaranteed. Besides, it will boost the image of Nigeria’s tourism trade and attract the confidence of the International Tourism organization, individuals, groups, and tourists to invest in the business of tourism in Nigeria.