Programmes & Activities

The past Administration since its inception in May, 1999 has demonstrated a strong commitment to the development of the country’s cultural and tourism industry.  As a first step in this regard, His Excellency, Mr. President created a Ministry of Culture and Tourism as a means of strengthening the country’s cultural tourism.  In addition, efforts are being made through the implementation of various programmes and activities to promote culture and tourism as one of important revenue earner for the nation.

 ·        Implementation of the nigeria tourism master plan

·        Participation at overseas tourism fairs & exhibition

·        Celebration of world tourism day

·        Organisation of a regional seminar on the global code of ethics in tourism

·        Publication of a compendium on all tourism sites and attractions in nigeria

Organization of abuja travel market

·        Facilitation of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the tourism sector

·        Development of cultural industries

·        Development of tourism clusters

·        Abuja carnival

·        Establisment of a national policy on orientation

·        Production of sensitization films on attitudinal change and core values

·        National summit on ethnic and religious tolerance

·        Monitoring and evaluation of on-going projects

     ·        National council on culture and tourism 

Cultural and Industries Project

The aims and objectives of the project is the promotion, development and preservation of Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage with emphasis on the creation of wealth and Jobs especially for rural areas. The project also involves capacity building, skills acquisition and transfer of expertise on the production and marketing of cultural production from one generation to the other.

At present, the ministry has built a total of 12 Cultural Industries Centres in 6 States in the 6 geo-political zones of Nigeria namely: - Sokoto, Taraba, Enugu, Edo, Benue, Ondo States and the FCT. These centres are aimed at providing physical infrastructure to enable cultural activities thrive in the rural areas and serve as a one stop shop for cultural goods and services.

Infrastructure provided at these centres include:- Exhibition/community halls, Craft display shop, Kitchen and restaurants, Generating machine and other equipments that will aid in the production of cultural goods and services based on the specific cultural manifestations of the areas.

All these centres have been completed and partially equipped awaiting official commissioning and possibly handing over to state or local governments as the case may be for effective usage and proper administration and sustenance.

The ministry has commissioned one of the centres in Inyi Enugu State. Capacity building and skill acquisition programmes were held in the Ibi Centre in Taraba State in 2011. This will be replicated in all the other states to adequately prepare the benefiting communities for proper usage of the centres.